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Visa „Opportunity card“


Basic information

  • Only the visa office of the Embassy in Warsaw is responsible for visa applications. The Consulates General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Krakow, Wroclaw and Gdansk do not issue visas and do not provide information on visa applications.
  • Please note that you must come to the embassy in person with all the necessary documents to submit your application. Please make an appointment via our appointment system on the Internet. Please plan that the processing time after application is usually several weeks.
  • Your application can only be accepted if the documents are complete. The documents must be submitted in the original with one copy of each. Documents in foreign languages must be submitted with an official German translation.
  • A fee of approximately 400 zloty (75,- Euro depending on the exchange rate) is charged for processing a visa application. The fee is to be paid in Polish zloty in cash at the time of application. It is a processing fee. There is no right to reimbursement in case of rejection or withdrawal of the application.
  • If you want to take up work in Germany on the basis of a foreign university or vocational qualification, you can apply for the so-called „Chancenkarte“ (opportunity card) to look for a job or to look for measures to recognize a foreign professional qualification. It can initially be issued for a maximum of one year with the possibility of extension in Germany. The opportunity card allows you to take up secondary employment of up to 20 hours/week as well as the possibility of trial work, but this must not be the main purpose of your stay. General information on the opportunity card and its requirements can be found at www.make-it-in-germany.de.
  • You can apply for an opportunity card if you can finance your livelihood, including health insurance, and
    - have a university degree recognized in Germany (see ANABIN database or individual recognition) or
    according to a points system at least 6 points through language skills, professional experience.
  • If you sign an employment contract in Germany during your stay with the opportunity card, you can apply for a residence permit and work permit directly at the local immigration office. It is then no longer necessary to leave Germany for the visa procedure.

General information

The processing time is usually at least two (2) weeks, but may increase to several weeks in individual cases. As soon as a decision has been reached, the applicant will be informed immediately by the Embassy. In order to relieve the visa office, it is urgently requested that applicants refrain from making status inquiries, as this delays the general processing of visa applications. It is also requested that you familiarize yourself with the necessary documents for obtaining points in advance and only submit these when applying. The embassy cannot provide an advisory service or sort out the required documents from a large number of documents.

After a positive decision on the application, you will be asked to provide proof of existing travel insurance coverage for the validity period of the visa before the visa can be issued. Please note that you will need to collect your visa in person.

Please make sure that you submit complete application documents! Incomplete applications may result in rejection of the visa application.

The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documentation.

The following list allows you to check whether your application documents are complete. All documents listed here must be submitted in the requested form and order.


  • One (1) application form including instructions according to § 54 AufenthG, completely filled out and signed
  • One (1) recent biometric passport photo (format: see photo sample board)
  • Valid passport (signed by hand and with at least two (2) completely free pages)
  • One (1) plain copy of the data page of your valid passport
  • Proof of habitual and legal residence in Poland by Polish residence permit (e.g. visa/residence card), valid for at least 3 months, with one (1) copy.
    In individual cases, further proof of habitual residence (e.g. bank statements, ZUS statements, rental contracts, etc.) may be necessary.
  • Last registration certificate in Poland, with one (1) copy
  • Proof of livelihood in the amount of €1,027/month, e.g. by blocked account or formal obligation („Verpflichtungserklärung“) (issued by an immigration authority in Germany), with one (1) copy
    Further information on opening a blocked account in Germany can be found on our website under: „Opening a blocked account in Germany“.
  • Gapless, tabular curriculum vitae, with one (1) copy
  • For qualified specialists, either

    - with academic qualification (proof of the comparability of your degree, with one (1) copy. You can check whether your foreign university degree is recognized or comparable in the ANABIN database.) Further information on suitable proof of the comparability of your foreign university degree can be found in a separate article.
    Please note that foreign diplomas must always be provided with an apostille or legalization!


    - with a non-academic qualification (proof of qualification in the form of a formal notice of recognition from the competent authority in Germany, with one (1) copy).
    Please note that the notice of recognition must be submitted with the application, as this is the most important basis for the application. Subsequent submissions are generally not possible!
  • For non-specialists (points system)

    - Proof of a foreign professional qualification: an AHK qualification or a foreign professional qualification confirmed by the ZAB (www.kmk.org; foreign professional training of at least two years that is state-recognized in the country of acquisition or a university degree that is state-recognized in the country of aquisition), unless there is a deficit notice as part of a professional recognition procedure, with one (1) copy each
  • Proof of German language proficiency (A1) and/or English language proficiency (B2), with one (1) copy
    Language certificates from providers certified by ALTE (Goethe, ÖSD, TELC), IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge are generally accepted as proof of language proficiency
  • If applicable, proof of professional experience in connection with the professional qualification submitted in the last seven years
  • If applicable, proof of previous long-term stays in Germany of at least six months in the last five years
  • At least 6 points, to be proven on the basis of relevant documents according to the following table:


    Points for fulfilling the feature

    Partial recognition of the foreign professional qualification


    good German language skills (B2)


    adequate German language skills (B1)


    sufficient German language skills (A2)


    English language skills C1


    Professional experience 5 years


    Professional experience 2 years


    Professional qualification in shortage occupation


    age up to 35


    age between 35 and 40 years


    Previous stays in Germany


    Spouse / life partner (also qualified for opportunity card)


You can carry out the free and non-binding „Self-Check: Opportunity Card“ at www.make-it-in- Germany.com to check in advance whether you achieve the required minimum number of points.

Additional information

If your foreign university degree is recognized in Germany or comparable with a German degree, can be checked in the official databank anabin: ANABIN Important: Only if all three criteria of your…

Proof about recognition of a foreign university degree, respectively about a foreign university degree that is comparable with a German degree

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