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Making appointments with the Legal and Consular Section of the German Embassy Warsaw

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For any kind of consular service an appointment and personal attendance in the Legal and Consular Department of the German Embassy Warsaw are required!

Visa Application Appointment

In order to apply for a visa, it is required that you schedule an appointment. Appointments for visa application can only be booked via our website. If you want to book an appointment, please click here.

Appointments can be booked in German or Polish language and are free of charge.

Please note that each applicant has to book the appointment individually (for children, too). Please note that occasionally longer waiting times for bookings can occur. We hope for your understanding.

When filing your application you will have to submit your passport (original). It will be returned upon completion of your interview.

Please note that incomplete applications cannot be processed.

The Embassy reserves the right to ask for additional documents.

Upon submission of your application, you will receive a receipt with a five-digit processing number.

You do not have to collect your visa in person. You may instruct a third person to collect your visa by giving him or her your passport and the receipt with the six-digit processing number. As a result we recommend keeping your receipt in a safe place.

Please specify your processing number when submitting additional documents so these can be assigned to your application.

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