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Proof about recognition of a foreign university degree, respectively about a foreign university degree that is comparable with a German degree

29.12.2022 - Artikel

If your foreign university degree is recognized in Germany or comparable with a German degree, can be checked in the official databank anabin: ANABIN

Important: Only if all three criteria of your foreign university degree are confirmed in anabin
for the applicable country, it counts as recognized, respectively comparable:
1. The foreign university, that awarded the degree to you, has to be rated with „H+“ and
2. The type of degree (for example Bachelor of Arts / Science) must be in accordance
with your degree and
3. The indication of the field of study (for example Business Administration) to the specified type of degree must match with your personal degree.

In case your university is listed in the databank anabin with a „H+“, but not your type of degree
or/and your specific field of study, you can apply for an individual statement of comparability
at the „Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen“ (ZAB) in Bonn. This statement of comparability for foreign university qualification is an official document that states the included
qualifications. It can be used for job-applications in Germany or for the application of a visa.
Information about the process of obtaining a statement of comparability, including a list of
requirements and cost, can be found here: Statement of Comparability

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