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25. Jubiläum von Robert Bosch Sp. z o.o.


Botschafter Nikel sprach am 9. Oktober 2017 aus Anlass des 25. Jubiläums von Robert Bosch Sp. z o.o. Warschau.

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Szanowni Państwo,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Bardzo dziękuję za zaproszenie. Cieszę się bardzo, że mogę dzisiaj razem z Państwem obchodzić 25 lat Robert Bosch sp.z.o.o. w Polsce. Gratuluję pani Prezes i wszystkim pracownikom Bosch Group za osiągnięcia tych lat. One się wpisują w dynamiczny rozwój naszych stosunków bilateralnych, ekonomicznych, jak i politycznych.

I would like to congratulate you, Mrs. Boczkowska, and all of the more than 5000 employees of Robert Bosch Polska on the tremendous achievements of the Bosch Group during the years in Poland. You can be proud of it.

Bosch Polska started its business 25 years ago. At that time, nobody predicted the dynamic development of the group in Poland. Neither could anybody foresee the breathtaking dynamic of German-Polish bilateral cooperation - political, economic, cultural as well as between people.

In 1991, the German-Polish Treaty of good neighborhood and friendly cooperation of 1991 had just been signed. As a young diplomat working for Helmut Kohl, I was lucky to be part of the group of collaborators, who elaborated the treaty. If someone would have told me then, how far we would actually get in 25 years, I would have declared him insane.

In fact, reality was better than my wildest dreams. Today, the German Polish relationship is strong, very strong. It is much better than some media outlets seem to suggest. It is a treasure we must protect.

The Bosch Group in Poland mirrors these very positive developments. From being mainly a trade agent, Bosch group quickly and firmly developed into a company with a broad profile of activities. Today, the Group consists of three big entreprises, Robert Bosch Polska, Bosch Rexrodt Polska and BSH. I remember last year’s celebration of 25 years of Bosch Rexrodt in Poland. More than 5000 employees and more than 5 billion Euros in sales speak for themselves.

I would also like to congratulate Bosch for its long commitment to vocational training in Poland. Also, with the “Akademia wynalazców” (Erfinderakademie) the group helps to spot young talents and offers them opportunities to develop their capacities.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

German-Polish relations have grown tremendously over the last 25 years. Our bilateral trade and the strong commitment by German and Polish enterprises are pillars of the broader relationship. Germany and Poland are united by a multitude of common interests, not least when it comes to move the European Union forward.

Germany and Poland have both profited enormously from the advantages of the European Union. The Single Market has been very beneficial to our economies.

Today, however, Europe is under pressure. Globalization and digitization are no longer perceived – by many – as drivers for prosperity. Refugees are seen as competitors on the labor market and as a threat to national identity. People try to find strength in a seemingly glorious past that never existed. Europe seems to be part of the problem, rather than the solution. Populists play on these fears without offering any solution.

Turning the clock back is not an option. Let’s concentrate on our common strengths and move forward courageously. Let’s take example on the many success stories that have been written over the last 25 years. Bosch Polska is definitely one of them.

I wish the Bosch Group in Poland every success in the years to come, both as a company as well as an important part of the partnership that links Germany and Poland.

On the next 25 years for Bosch in Poland.

9. Oktober 2017 in Warschau

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