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Eröffnung des Beethoven-Festivals 2017


Botschafter Nikel sprach anlässlich des Eröffnungskonzerts des Beethoven-Festivals 2017.

Botschafter Nikel sprach anlässlich des Eröffnungskonzerts des Beethoven-Festivals 2017.

-- es gilt das gesprochene Wort --

Sehr verehrte, liebe Frau Penderecka,

Dear colleague,

Sehr geehrte Mitglieder der Deutschen Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken,

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Beethoven Easter Festival is being held this year for the 21st time. As in previous years, an international audience of music-lovers will be treated to a series of outstanding concerts. The start has been made this evening – and I can say that the start has again been magnificent! This was an opening night that I will remember.

The success is due in no small part to the pieces selected for the program: Sergei Rachmaninoff followed by Beethoven’s fifth piano concerto and his seventh symphony. Piano concerto no. 5 – the Emperor – is particularly invigorating, with its interplay between the woodwind and the strings.

It is no coincidence that this is one of the most famous concertos written by the German composer from Bonn.

Elżbieta Penderecka, you have managed once again to light a firework of classical music – again at the very highest level. Warsaw now has a firm place as one of Europe’s prime cities for classical music – thanks in no small part to your festival. We hope that this will not change in the coming years!

Of course, we also want to thank you, the musicians, for this wonderful evening. You performed these outstanding pieces is an awe-inspiring manner. Tonight is also of symbolic importance: we have gathered here in Warsaw to see a Spanish conductor, a Spanish pianist and a German symphony orchestra perform music by a Russian composer and a devoted European – Beethoven himself! Now if that isn’t a sign of commonality and unity!

As this ensemble has shown tonight, we can achieve more when we work together. If we focus on shared values, on shared ideas and common goals, we can achieve great things.

Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern, worked for a long time with the Polish conductor Stanisław Skrowaczewski. Maestro Skrowaczewski died on 21st February at the age of 93. Your cooperation with the great Skrowaczewski lasted for almost 40 years. The OehmsClassics recordings – 28 CDs in all – are not forgotten. Nor have the three Japanese tours the orchestra undertook with Skrowaczewski. In 2015, you named Stanisław Skrowaczewski Conductor Laureate of your orchestra. You have dedicated tonight’s performance to the conductor’s memory – a gesture that shows how deeply you feel his loss.

Ladies and gentlemen,

as Germany’s Ambassador in Warsaw, I am delighted when an orchestra as renowned as the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern gives a guest performance, as they did tonight. This was classical music at the very highest level, a mesmerizing experience for everyone present.

In this spirit let me wish you a pleasant evening. I wish all music-lovers further hours of enjoyment over the next few days.

Thank you very much!

Warschau, den 2. April 2017

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